Project information

  • Category: Chat Platform
  • Project For: Agami Technologies
  • Project URL:
    • Technologies:
    • Vue.js
    • Node.js
    • JavaScript
    • MongoDB
    • NGINX
    • AWS

This is a real-time chat platform, web page creation, and AI technology based project.

  • I actively contribute to BeGenieUs, a real-time chat platform, handling chat functionality, web page creation, and AI technology integration for enhanced user engagement and support.
  • Engineered BeGenieUs, a user-friendly chat system where users effortlessly craft static web design templates. Powered by GrapesJS, creating visually appealing web layouts has never been simpler.
  • Integrated a video library system in BeGenieUs, allowing users to create and share videos within the chat. Enhancing communication with multimedia, this feature adds a dynamic touch to the platform.
  • Simplified the template creation process by implementing GrapesJS. Users can drag and drop elements to design their own static web templates, making web design accessible to everyone.
  • Introduced an AI-driven Chat GPT board within BeGenieUs. This smart assistant not only aids in sending messages but also generates new ones, elevating the chat experience with intelligent and responsive features.
  • Enabled users to create images directly within BeGenieUs, expanding communication possibilities. With just a few clicks, users can express themselves visually, making the platform more versatile and engaging.
  • Showcased BeGenieUs's standout features, including the innovative chat system, GrapesJS-powered template creation, AI-driven Chat GPT board, and multimedia capabilities. Together, these features make BeGenieUs a distinctive and creative platform for interactive communication.